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As The Website Is Getting Big With Close To Thousand Items I Advise You To Look For By Categories, (Top Right), Thus You Will Not See The Already Sold Items. Or You Are Able To Search By Word, (Top Left), As Well. Type The Word And Click Go.
Iīm No Longer Sending Updates By Email, So Check Website Often For New Items Or Ask Me About.
Thanks And Happy Hunting.

Welcome to ERSATZ MILITARIA, a place to find not only spare parts, but also complete and quality items from a shoestring to a helmet, always original WWII or other periods, of course. I am not a dealer, I am a collector and everything you will find in my site comes from my collection or could be in my collection. As a collector I know perfectly what I have to describe or to take a photo of for the buyer who is located at the other side of the screen somewhere in the world. So, after many years of active collecting I decided to sell my own spare parts/extras, items that I find while doing the most important fairs in Europe or items I purchase from other collectors that got tired about the hobby. I travel many thousands of kilometers every year, by plane or car, but still a cool hobby for me!!!

My main collecting field is the German Army at World War Two, (the same as for many of you), but you will also find other items from other countries and periods, (WWI and Post WWII). A very important thing for you as a buyer is to read the Terms for a good understanding of the site and my policies. You can contact me in French or German if you do not speak English, but only by email and I will try to understand what the hell are you telling me :)

I am always interested in buying MILITARIA, from complete collections to single pieces. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any MILITARIA for sale, from a single button to a tank. If you have quality items, money will be not a problem.

Have this in mind:
ERSATZ MILITARIA does not have any affiliation with any future, present or past political parties or military organisations. The items I offer are historical items and sold like this to collectors of WWII memorabilia and for historical or research purposes only. If you have any other intention, please do not buy from me. Thank you.

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